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A session would last about 45 minutes unless you want a longer session or want to combine the session with EFT.

£25 per single session.

FasterEFT & Counselling

(or combination EFT/Reiki/Counselling)


Office Sessions
An office based session lasts for about 1 hour but if you want a double session of 2 hours that can be arranged.


£30 per single session (1 hour)

£84 per 3 sessions

£135 per 5 sessions

£250 per 10 sessions

(Multiple sessions are paid in advance and taken within 3 months)


Multi-hour breakthrough sessions.
These sessions are geared toward getting the greatest amount of improvement on an issue in the shortest amount of time. They are particularly suitable for people who are travelling a great distance to attend and also for those who have a time deadline, such as a person with a fear of flying who has arranged to fly on a specific date.
(Reduced multi-session rate as above).


Skype Sessions
A Skype session lasts for about 1 hour.
Skype is a free computer based phone application and works on most common kinds of computer and operating systems throughout the world. It is very easy to use. You will need Broadband, and a good quality headset / microphone that plugs into your computer. I will send you my Skype contact name once you are set up and you notify me that you wish to use this particular free application instead of your regular phone for our sessions. To download Skype for free please go to

£30 per single session (1 hour)

(See above for multiple session rate)



Payment Methods


Office Sessions:

Pay at appointment by cheque or cash.


Skype or Phone Sessions: 
By PayPal below or by cheque to the address on the Contact Page to reach me before the appointment.


By credit card through PayPal below.


Use the PayPal button now to pay for as many treatments as you want.








Personalised Gift Vouchers are available for Treatments, Tuition or Workshops and can be to any amount you specify.

Please email me with the recipient's name & your requirements.