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Past Life Regression – Is this possible?


Are there such things as “Past Lives”? Many ancient cultures would answer “yes” to that question. There have been many instances where the information has been verified through names, places & times etc. Many of us have experienced

“déjà vu” or can’t explain how the person they have just met seems so familiar. Have you ever had that experience? What was your reasoning for it?


Alternative Explanations

Jung might have explained it as a memory from the collective unconscious. Some may dismiss it as a fabric of their imagination. Another explanation would be that the unconscious mind has retrieved a memory which has a similar theme to the life events of the moment and is using it as a platform for working out a present situation. Yet another explanation is that all life exists at the same time within a Divine Matrix and that from any point within the Matrix we can experience a different time and place.

Therapeutic Tool

Whatever your belief, Past Life Regression, used as a therapeutic tool, can give us insights into present life situations – disease, phobias, relationship problems, recurring issues, depression, physical pains and disabilities and much more…. which have, perhaps, defied  “conventional’intervention.



The Session

You will be guided back gently and safely to a time and place that your subconscious chooses. We will explore that experience and gain insight, perhaps, to an existing situation. Sometimes, if a client experienced a past life as a victim, previously repressed anger may be expressed during the regression. Other emotions, such as fear, grief, sadness, guilt may come to the surface and these will be reduced/eliminated using Meridian Tapping which will be discussed before the session. This procedure often eliminates the negative emotion being experienced in the present and therefore can be very beneficial

The session is conducted at all times with your safety and comfort in mind and the session will be recorded and a CD made of the session if you wish.


1 hour session including CD - £25

1½ hour session including CD - £35 (Recommended)





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